Fuel Cell Stack

Innovative Products

Fuel Cell Stack

Fuel Cell System

Fuel Cell Hydrogen Storage System

  • ROEWE 950 Fuel Cell Vehicle


  • FCV80 Fuel Cell Vehicle

  • SUNWIN Fuel Cell Bus

  • 10.5/12m CRRC Fuel Cell Bus

  • 10.5/12m New Generation SUNWIN Fuel Cell Bus

  • 12/18t Yuejin FC Logistics Vehicle

  • 12/18t Yuejin FC Specilized Vehicle

  • 42t Hongyan FC Heavy Truck

Engineering Services

SHPT has forward R&D capability and complete self-owned intellectual properties from key stack components (BPP, MEA, etc.), stack integration, fuel cell system integration, fuel cell propulsion system integration, and vehicle integration. Engineering services for vehicle engineering, standards & specifications, product homologation, new energy vehicle enterprise entry approval, and etc. Existing Customers are:

About us

Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated as SHPT) was founded on June 27th, 2018. In order to accelerate the commercialization and industrialization of fuel cell related products, it is committed to promoting the development of hydrogen fuel cell industry and opening the new chapter of hydrogen era in China.

SHPT gathers the elites of China's fuel cell and automotive industry. The team has professional experience in the development of fuel cell stack, system, vehicle and its application. Over 65% of the employees are R&D personnel and more than 70% of them have master's degree or higher.

SHPT provides fuel cell products and engineering services and has completed the development of several types of fuel cell stacks and systems, with power ranging from 30kW to 130kW and above. These products are now widely used in passenger cars, light buses, buses, light trucks, medium & heavy trucks and other vehicle platforms.

In March 2020, the construction of SHPT's Shanghai new plant kicked off which is located in Jiading Hydrogen Park. The new plant will contain the functions of R&D, test & validation, manufacturing and hydrogen supply. The phase I production capacity will reach 12,000 units per year.